What is Kama‘aina Rewards®?

It's a customer appreciation program. When you make purchases at participating merchants, you earn redeemable Kama‘aina Rewards® points to spend just like cash.

Is the Kama‘aina Rewards® Card free?


How soon after I've signed up can I start earning points?

You start earning points as soon as you pick up your Kama‘aina Rewards® card and make a purchase.

What are the requirements for joining the Kama‘aina Rewards® Program?

Provide us with complete and accurate enrollment information and enjoy being rewarded for your patronage.

How do I join?

Just go to any participating location and pick-up a Kama‘aina Rewards® card. Register your card online or call 1-866-270-0610.* Remember to keep your information current. Important things for Kama‘aina Rewards® participants to know. . . Points are awarded for every purchase when you present your card.* You can check your points by choosing "LOGIN" on the Main Menu. You can also view a list of participating locations by choosing "PARTNERS" on the Main Menu.