FREE F’real Days


Get a FREE f’real!

For one day only, receive one (1) FREE f’real milkshake or smoothie while supplies last. Limit one (1) per customer.

Offer valid at the following locations and dates only between the hours of 3PM and 5PM:

7/24/15 | Enchanted Lakes 76 | 1010 Keolu Dr | Kailua, HI 96734 | 262-0129
7/25/15 | Wahiawa 76 | 966 California Ave | Wahiawa, HI 96786 | 621-6809
7/31/15 | Kilauea 76 | 1698 Kilauea Ave | Hilo, HI 96720 | 935-3566
7/31/15 | Hillside 76 | 1495 Lower Main St | Wailuku, HI 96793 | 244-2224
8/07/15 | Maui Lani 76 | 129 Ma’a St | Kahului, HI 96732 | 871-7682

Discover Wealth in Health

Gas station convenience stores are home to some of the best snacks when you have the munchies or just looking for a quick snack while you’re on the road. But in case you’re trying to steer away from the fatty, sweet and salty, there are healthier options that you can find in any gas station convenience store.

Kama`aiana Rewards program helps you get points for things you buy at participating Hawaii merchants, even the more nutritious choices.

According to Live Better America, here are some healthier alternatives to the typical chips, candy bar, and soda:

1. Seeds – Most gas stations sell sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds, also known aspepitas, which make for a high-fiber, nutritious snack when portions are kept in proportion.
2. Nuts – Think like a squirrel and look for cans of peanuts, walnuts, almonds, cashews or macadamias to nibble on. If possible, choose a low-sodium variety in a small handful.
3. Cereal – Single serving boxes of whole grain cereals make a great crunchy snack. Or, add some…
4. Dairy – Look around the dairy section for cartons of milk, cheese sticks, low fat cottage cheese, or single serving containers of yogurt.
5. Fruit – Some gas stations may carry a limited variety of fresh fruit, such as apples or bananas. If not, dried apricots, raisins, dried cranberries and prunes (dried plums) are all a good snack option.
6. Jerky – While you wouldn’t want to eat it every day due to its high sodium content, beef/turkey/venison jerky is a relatively lower-calorie, higher-protein snack option.
7. Milk – Half-pint cartons of low fat milk are a good way to quench your thirst and increase your calcium and vitamin D intake.
8. Juice – Look for 100 percent fruit juice for a tasty and vitamin-C rich way to hydrate.
9. Water – Need we say more? Drink as much water as you wish!

For more helpful tips on how to make healthier food choices, visit


Get Real Deals with f’real

Things are about to get f’real cold on Maui.

With the heat and dry of the summer season amongst us, stay cool with f’real’s real ice-cream milkshakes, real fruit smoothies, and gourmet frozen cappuccinos. In less than 90 seconds, you can choose the flavor and consistency of your beverage from regular, less thick, or more thick.

Simply use your Kama`aina Rewards card at the Maui Lani or Hillside 76 stations whenever you buy a f’real beverage and after your 10th purchase, the next one is on us!

Click here to see how it works or experience it for yourself!

129 Maa Street
Kahului, HI, 96732

1495 Lower Main St
Wailuku, HI, 96793