Lower Gas Prices at Lahaina 76 from 76 Hawaii and Native 92.5

Lower Gas Prices at Lahaina 76

MAUI – Maui residents will be given a special opportunity to save on gas when Native 92.5 takes over Lahaina 76 and dramatically lowers gas prices on Friday, March 16th.

From 2PM to 6PM, Native 92.5 will drop the price of gas and they will also be giving away great prizes from 4PM to 6PM!

Maui residents will also have the opportunity to become members of the Kama’aina Rewards program. Kama’aina Rewards membership is FREE and Maui residents will immediately be able to take advantage of the program at the Lahaina 76 station.

For more information, Maui residents can become fans of the 76 Hawaii Facebook and Twitter pages at facebook.com/76Hawaii and twitter.com/76Hawaii.

76 is known for quality gasoline and clean, well lit stations. With seventy-one locations throughout the State and growing, 76 is raising convenience and quality to a whole new level. 76 is made available in Hawaii by locally owned Mid Pac Petroleum.

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